Fall 1965 Basic course for Medical Librarians Volunteers from MEDLI
September 28, 1967 “Talking Books” Service “Miss” Kelleher
October 3, 1968 First continuing education program: Copyright Law “Miss” Annan
June 11, 1970 Round Table Discussion on Library Participation Projects in the Nassau-Suffolk Regional Medical Program Irene Miller
April 23, 1970 MEDLARS Workshop Carol Herring
October 29, 1970 National Library of Medicine Source Grant ProgramMicrofilming Ella Abney
Jarmila Dvorak
May 7, 1971 Summary of the Past Activities and Forecast of New Activities of the RMLLiterature Retrieval and Search Ann HutchinsonRuth Marcolina
October 17, 1971 Round Table Discussion on Methods for Implementation of Grant Objectives Thomas H. Rees, Jr.
May 4, 1972 Public Library Services to Hospitals in Nassau County Muriel Javelin
November 9, 1973 Announced at meeting?  
May 24, 1973 Panacea Emil Frey
January 25, 1974 CW Post Library Program and Special Libraries Joseph N. Whitten
May 9, 1974 Panel Discussion on What’s New in Health Sciences Libraries Ella Abney, Moderator
Tobie Heller
Katherine Boccieri
Elsie Wilensky
October 24, 1974 MEDLINE workshop Isabel Spiegel
Ruth Marcolina
February 13, 1975 Reference and Bibliography Workshop Lucretia McClure
May 8, 1975 Descriptive Cataloging and Subject Analysis Michael Koch
May 20, 1976 Current Awareness through Data Bases William Funderburk
Ruth Marcolina
Clara Faulkner
October 21, 1976 Consortium Workshop: MEDCORE Commitment to CooperationCentral Administration of a Hospital LibraryCIR (Consortium for Information Resources) and its Impact on Community Hospital Libraries Elizabeth McMullen
Ruth Marcolina
Maria C. Thompson
Marge Getchell
February 3 1977 Public Relations and Graphic Design for Libraries: Information–We Can’t Live Without It Seymour Stark
Tom Bach
April 21, 1977 Federal Agencies in the Health Care Field:
VA–What’s That?
What is HSA All About?
James M. HahnDaniel Sisto
May 4, 1978 Panel Discussion on Patient Education Panelists: Spencer Albert,
Wendy Carter, Judith Toper,
Karen Wiseman
October 26, 1978 Grants and Grantsmanship Doris Doran & Burt Eckstein
May 15, 1979 Copyright Law for the Librarian Harvey J. Coopersmith
October 18, 1979 Alternative Ways of Healing (yoga demonstration) Gladys Ruth Kanter
October 9, 1980 Discussing the Nature of Legal Literature
The Legal Publishers’ Point of View
Lynn Fullshire & Jim Lodato
Arnold Blair
April 30, 1981 Library Space Utilization  
October 15, 1981 Information Needs of the Physically Disabled Ruth Vellemen
Aprill 22, 1982 Book and Journal Repair Virginia Wisniewski
November 17, 1982 New Developments in Communications Technology Frank Chickering
May 3, 1983 Tour of the SUNY Health Sciences Library  
October 19, 1983 Library Applications of Microcomputers  
April 27, 1984 Overview of Microcomputing in Health Sciences Libraries M. Bruce Maxian & James Lafferty
May 3, 1984 A Collage of Medical History Esther Geller
November 1, 1984 Stress Management Linda Zintl
May 2, 1985 History and Manufacture of Cosmetics Eugene Mavroudis
July 16, 1985 Interlibrary Loan Workshop Virginia Cook
November 8, 1985 Geriatric Medicine and Patient Care: Alzheimer’s Disease Dr. Frederick Sherman
April 29, 1986 DRGs Sandra Strang
November 6, 1986 Coma Recovery Programs Robin Grass
April 28, 1987 Audiovisuals and Microcomputer Technologies for the Medical LibraryDocline Laura BarrettMary Mylenki
September 17, 1987 Docline Seminar Kathleen Moellerl
November 5, 1987 1. Sponsoring End-User Vendor Programs: BRS Colleague and Paper Chase2. Telefacsimile Service in a Hospital Consortia Deborah CasselLeila Hover
April 26, 1988 The Hospice Alternative Mary Jane Ringkamp
June 14, 1988 Psych Info Workshop  
October 5, 1988 Consumer Health Information: The Role of the Health Information Professional Mary Westermann
June 19, 1989 Using the Medical Library to Investigate a New Disease (Lyme Disease) Dr. Louis Verardo
August 10, 1989 Curing Online ILLs Kathy Kwan, Joan Napolitano, Caryl Kazen, James lafferty
October 25, 1989 Breast Cancer on Long Island Dr. Andre Varmer
May 22, 1990 What is Modern Chiropractic? Dr. Donald Murphy
August 9, 1990 Medical Information on CD-ROM and End-User Searching: A Hands-On Workshop
(Joint program with LILRC)
Valerie Rankow
Panel Discussion (Virginia Cook, Arlee May, Joan Napolitano)
May 7, 1991 CancerLine and PDQ Searching Roberta Bronson
November 1, 1990 Stating You Own Venture Jack K. Mandel
November 12, 1991 The Hospital as a Pluralistic Moral Community: A Challenge for Health Care in the 90s Father Robert Smith
May 6, 1992 Serving the Information Needs of our Clientele: Ownership v. Access Lynn Fortney, EBSCO
October 15, 1992 A Tour of Medical Libraries in Moscow, Prague, Budapest and St. Petersburg Ruth Marcolina
January 23, 1993 AIDSLINE Roberta Bronson
April 29, 1993 Intensive Care: Medical Ethics and the Medical Profession Robert Zussman
October 26, 1993 Poetry as Therapy: The Healing Power of Words Sonia Usatch
January 14, 1994 Beyond e-mail Charles Greenberg
April 22, 1994 An Introduction to Complementary Medicine Speakers from the New Center
for Holistic Health, Education and Research
November 2, 1994 Managed Health Care Dr. Lawrence Ravich
October 10. 1996 UCMP Online Demonstration  
February 27, 1998 Evidence-Based Medicine for Librarians: Panning for Gold  
April 23, 1998 Tour of the New York Public Library  
November 20, 1998 Library Fundraising Diana Smartt
February 24, 1999 Molecular Biology Information Resources Renata McCarthy
June 1, 2000 New Web-based DoclineAriel Joanne JahrJeanne Galbraith
June 6, 2001 Creating, Measuring and Analyzing Customer Satisfaction with Library Services Sponsored by MLA
October 24, 2001 Autumn Gourmet Luncheon Stephen A. Bello
December 4, 2001 The History of Medicine: The Last Hundred Years  
July 9,, 2002 Walking tour of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  
October 22, 2002 Newsday Writer Shares Prescription for Success
Chief of Breast Surgery
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
Ridgely Ochs
December 11, 2002 Safeguarding our Patrons’ Privacy: What Every Librarian Needs to Know about the US Patriot Act & Related Anti-Terrorism Measures  
August 7, 2003 Tour of Hewlett House Debbie Blick
October 22, 2003 Breast Cancer Dr. Freya Schnabel
Chief of Breast Surgery
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
December 5, 2003 Bibliotherapy for Children and Young Adults Don Wilson
March 25, 2004 Consumer Health Resources in Libraries Joint Meeting with LILRC
October 15, 2004   Dr. John Kovach
Director, LI Cancer Center
March 29, 2005 The Changing Health Care System Robin Grass
December 2, 2005 Essential Docline/Docline Explained Joanne Jahr
April 17, 2006 Cyber-Problems in the Wired Workplace  
November 9, 2006 The Gospel of Germs Nancy Tomes
Professor of History
Stony Brook University
June 15, 2007 Traditional Chinese Medicine and Psychiatric Diagnosis Thomas Nash
November 8, 2007 Geeks Bearing Gifts Gregg Headrick
April 1, 2008 Nursing on the Net: Health Care Resources You Can Use Arpita Bose
November 3, 2008 “Kings Park” Lucy Winer, producer
April 27, 2009 Valuing Library Services Panel discussion with Arpita Bose
Joint meeting with BQSI/MB
October 19, 2009 Conversations with Anahad O’Connor Anahad O’Connor
NY Times sciences and math reporter
April 27, 2010 Gaming, Exer-games and Behavior, Cognition, and Neuro-plasticity Shaw Bronner, PhD
J. Adam Noah, PhD
ADAM Center, LIU,
Brooklyn Campus
November 3, 2010 MEDLI & BQSI/MB Joint Meeting:
Mini Med School
Dr. Reena Karani
Dr. Helen M. Fernandez
Dr. David C. Thomas
Dr. Audrey K. Chun
June 14, 2011 The ABC’s of the FDA Dilcia Granville, PhD
November 7, 2011 Hospital: Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity, Plus Red Tape, Bad Behavior, Money, God, and Diversity on Steroids. Julie Salamon
May 8, 2012 Online discussion of “Evolution, revolution, or obsolescence: An examination of writings on the future of health sciences libraries” (J Med Libr Assoc. 2012 January; 100(1): 5–9). Dr. Julie McGowan
April 16, 2012 50th Anniversary Dinner at the Library Cafe in Farmingdale  
June 6, 2012 Journal Club: Discussion of “Exploring e-readers to support clinical medical education: two case studies” (J Med Libr Assoc. 2011 April; 99 (2): 110-117). Mary Westermann, Facilitator
October 25, 2012 Chinese Acupuncture: Diagnosis and Treatment Dr. Michael Bailou Huang BA, MS, MLS, Med
April 30, 2013 First “Annual Dinner” at the Rosewood Inn in Melville  
June 4, 2013 The Good, the Not So Good, and the Ugly: Making Sense of the Medical Literature Catherine R. Messina PhD
October 4, 2013
The Zen of Information Science: Building the Future in a Health Sciences Environment
Jason Bengtson, Emerging Technologies/R&D Librarian, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center
April 17, 2014 MEDLI & BQSI/MB 2014 Joint Spring MeetingPodcast about Podcasts-A virtual medical conference that bridges the gap between journal and bedside

Getting More Value from the Value Study: Using Evidence to Communicate your Worth
BrowZine App Demo

Sheryl Ramer, Hospital Librarian, Elmhurst Hospital Center

Julia Sollenberger, Associate Vice President and Director, Medical Center Libraries & Technologies at the University of Rochester Medical Center
Ted Tyson, SeniorAccount Executive, BrowZine
November 21, 2014
PANDORA’S DNA: Tracing the Breast
Cancer Genes Through History, Science, and One Family Tree
 Lizzie Stark (author)
June 12, 2015
Wearable Technology: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Robin Wright, MSILS, MBA, Health and Human Services Librarian, Lehman College of the City University of New York

Latrina Keith, MLS, Head of Resources Management, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

October 8, 2015 What is Palliative Care? David Wollner MD, FACP, AGSF, Team Physician for the Palliative Care Service, South Nassau Communities Hospital
March 31, 2016 Healthy Aging at Your Library: Connecting Older Adults to Health Information Lydia N. Collins, MLIS, Consumer Health Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region (NN/LM MAR)
November 14, 2016 Lend-A-Hand: Printing with a Purpose Ellen Druda, Librarian Supervior, Technology & Internet Services, Half Hollow Hills Community Library and Margie Hartough, Head, Teen Services, Half Hollow Hills Community Library.
June 7, 2017 The Science Behind Medical Marijuana Dale Deutsch, PhD, Professor in the
Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Stony Brook University.
November 15, 2017 Open Access and New Modes of Scholarly Communication Darren Chase, Associate Librarian/ Head of Scholarly Communication from SUNY Stony Brook.
June 14, 2018 Evidence-Based Concussion Management Dr. Halley Zwibel, Assistant Professor in Family Medicine and Director of Center for Sports Medicine, New York Institute of Technology & Dr. Adena Leder, Assistant Professor in Clinical Sciences and Director of Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Center, New York Institute of Technology.
December 7, 2018 Copyright Skills as Risk Management Tools: The Librarian’s Role Barbara C. Ingrassia, MLS, AHIP, CCM, Certified Copyright Manager, Speaker and Trainer, President of Manage Copyright
June 5, 2019 The Evidence About Vaccination: Information & Knowledge for the Librarian Dr. Janice T. John, DO, MS, MPH of the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
November 18, 2019 Back To Our Beginnings: Fall Networking Event Stacy Posillico, Health Sciences Librarian for the Eastern Region Hospitals of Northwell Health
June 8, 2020 THE PATRON IS A PERSON: BRIDGING THE GAP TO IMPROVE SERVICES TO LIBRARY PATRONS WITH MENTAL HEALTH NEEDS Denise Driscoll, RN-BC, CARN, PMHCNS-BC, NPP, Assistant Vice President of Behavioral Health at Mather Hospital; Debra Engelhardt, MLS, Director of Comsewogue Public Library & Adjunct Professor at Palmer School of Library and Information Science; Alexis Rodgers, LMSW, Coordinator for Mental Health Education at the Association for Mental Health and Wellness (MHAW)
December 3, 2020 The Scientific Record on COVID-19: Does Speed Kill? Ivan Oransky, MD, vice president of editorial at Medscape and co-founder of Retraction Watch